In the digital economy, the localities are working hard to launch a new round of planning and deployment。Recently, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and other regions have issued relevant measures to clarify the core industrial development goals of the digital economy in the next few years, and further improve supporting policies such as capital and talent。

Relevant experts said that the development of the digital economy is a strategic choice to seize the new opportunities of technological revolution and industrial change。Different regions have different levels of economic development and resource endowments. The digital industry foundation, technological innovation capabilities and data resource reserves vary greatly. The development of the digital economy should be tailored to local conditions。

Create a highland for digital economic development

At the “contract ceremony for the construction of the tin-free long. Triangle digital economy industrial park and the signing ceremony. Of the no-tin high-tech innovation district” held recently at the wuxi (national) software park. 30 key projects were signed together. With a cumulative investment of more than 10.8 billion yuan. Involving software development, internet of things, big data. Cloud computing and other industries。

harbin proposed that this year it. Will focus on E-Commerce Photo Editing more than 100 digital economic projects. With a total investment of more than 50 billion yuan. Wuhan will start new construction this year. And invest more than 6 digital economic projects with 1 billion yuan. And 10 continuation projects。chongqing completed an investment of 2.3 billion yuan. In major municipal digital economic projects. In the first quarter of this year.

Behind the intensive deployment and landing of the project

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The continuous addition of multi-fair policies to further clarify the development goals and paths in the next few years and create a highland for digital economic development。

The “Three-Year Action Plan for Digital Economic Development in Yunnan Province (2022-2024)” proposes that by 2024, the revenue of the main business of the core industry of the digital economy in the province will double Business Lead from 2020 to 316 billion yuan。The plan also proposes specific goals around the full release of the application of demonstration effects, the upgrading of the digital economy park filing, and the continued growth of the characteristic advantage industry。

Shaanxi proposed to “build a highland for the development

The digital economy industry in the west”. By 2023, the value added of the core industries of the province’s digital economy accounted for more than 8% of the regional GDP; by 2025, the value added of the core industries of the province’s digital economy accounted for the regional GDP The proportion exceeds 10%, and the level of digital industry has increased significantly。

Jiangsu proposed that by 2025, the level of digital economic development will be at the forefront of the country, the energy level of the digital industry cluster has jumped, and the value added of the core industries of the digital economy accounted for about 13.5% of the regional GDP。

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