Did you know that optimizing your landing pages to achieve an improvement from 1 lead for every 7 clicks to 1 lead for every 6 clicks reuces your investment cost by 16.5%? This is what we do every day at Antevenio Go! for our customers.How to create effective ad campaigns on YouTube abril 28, 2016 Writing Social Ads Did you like our article? 4.5/5 – (6 votes) ads on Youtube What leads companies to use ads on YouTube? Is the online video platform an interesting place to promote yourself? To begin with, YouTube, an online video platform born in 2005, is one of the distribution channels with the largest audience on the web.

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Due to its very high traffic, 4,000 million daily views and 1,000 million unique users , according to YouTube’s own statistics , it is a digital space that very few companies can ignore. Especially since this video service, owne by Google, is a place Austria Phone Number List where all kinds of people come together, with all kinds of interests, backgrounds and social situations, so it is a fairly reliable reflection of modern society. What advantages do ads on YouTube offer over its competitors? One of the great advantages of YouTube compare to other similar platforms such as Vimeo or Dailymotion can be deuce from the above figures : the high number of users.

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The YouTube video platform is guarantee to receive numerous clicks, something that Vimeo or Dailymotion cannot guarantee at the same level. For example, it is this huge traffic that allows YouTube to rank well above Vimeo, the Business Lead platform that is focuse on artists and high-quality videos when it comes to SEO and revenue . YouTube is the Google of video platforms, the place where everyone wants to advertise. And speaking of Google, the fact that YouTube is one of its properties makes it much more advantageous to work with this platform.

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