Thanks to Optimizely you can optimize your web pages empirically, testing different versions of the landing pages which will help improve purchase rates. In addition, it also allows you to assess different elements that make up a website, from slogans to colors, bars and texts. 17.- Clicky conversion optimization tools: Click Tale Clicky could be calle the small version of Google Analytics, at least for websites that have fewer than 3,000 daily visits . Clicky is a tool that performs real-time analytics, being an ideal application for small websites that do not have enough budget to use Analytics. 18.- Kampyle conversion optimization tools.

Cost More Investment Implies Better

Kampyle One of the essential elements in conversion optimization are forms. Depending on how you design them or incorporate interesting options, your conversion rates can skyrocket or remain stable. That is where Kampyle can help you Cambodia Phone Number List since it allows you to generate better forms in a simple way. It is also interesting that this tool focuses on creating applications that help improve customer service. This is how NebulaCX emerge, which they call themselves the friendliest VoC (Voice of customer) platform. 19.- Marketer conversion optimization tools: Marketizator This A/B testing tool offers the option to collect data, incorporate qualitative data.

Cambodia Phone Number List

Results More Audience Reached

Perform A/B tests at an affordable price . Marketizator is a suitable tool for those who are not very familiar with the digital environment. One of its strong points is the usability that makes it very easy to work with this application. In addition, the Business Lead investment require, compare to other similar tools on the market, is relatively low. 20.- Woopra conversion optimization tools: Woorank Woopra is one of the many real-time analytics systems on the market. Woopra’s advantage over its competition is that it analyzes users from different devices, that is, it can create an image of the customer regardless of the channel through which they contact the company.

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