On future visits to the same website, the browser retrieves this text file and sends the information to the page’s server. The purpose of the website cookie is for the user to continue browsing and to benefit from the advantages of having carrie out actions in the past on the same website. In this way, thanks to cookies, the information that users collect, as well as the information that users leave on the site, is recorde and retrieve on future visits. 2.- Types of cookies When answering the question about what cookies are, it is necessary to previously identify the type of cookie.

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The use of cookies can be very varie. It will depend on the configuration with which the website creator installs cookies on your website. Each type of cookie has a specific purpose, a specific use and a unique result. These are the existing types Cyprus Phone Number List of cookies: 2.1.- Session cookies Session cookies are those that are delete once the user closes the navigation. These cookies are store once the user enters the website, but their duration only takes into. Account the time the user is browsing the website continuously. It is possible that you enter a web page and you have logge in, you have entere a user and you have carrie out some specific action in relation to your navigation.

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Thanks to session cookies, this information persists in the browser.  Preventing you from being aske for the same information again on future visits. Thanks to session cookies, the information is recorde and save between browsing from one Business Lead page to another. Some of the advantages of session cookies are: Save the information between session and session. There is no nee to make changes between sessions, so the information is recorde and save in the browser. It spees up navigation, preventing the user.  From having to modify the specifications and data of the website on each visit. Remember the user registration and the changes made.

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