It is very important to find the most appropriate challenge. Parents should give their children timely challenges at ordinary times, and encourage their children to do more within their abilities. When the children achieve their goals, don’t hesitate to give them encouragement and praise, and let the children gain from it. A sense of achievement is very helpful to the improvement of children’s self-confidence.When frustrated in the process, children can of course express their emotions. It is very important to learn how to express them. Even if parents encounter business affairs that cannot be handled smoothly, and accumulated troubles, they may become angry and cry, let alone children. ?


If a child has

Had a lot of playing experience in the past, they will answer: “How is it possible! Some people will go bankrupt and have no money, and some people will become rich and keep buying houses.” We all know that luck and good strategies Lithuania Phone Number will affect the outcome of the game, so guide children to say by themselves It’s important that someone wins and someone loses in the game, and anyone can turn the tide. When the result is not what the child wants, it is easier to accept it calmly. Don’t forget to let the children express today’s various emotions after the end, and help the children to do the correct emotional management.


Some parents

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May blame their children for. The first time, saying that I didn’t remind you just now. Or did you personally help your children deal with the current situation. And apologize to the store owner? The ideal way should be to take. The child to find a way, clean up and clean up together. And apologize to the boss together. Even if the parent is already giving. The child pocket money, the parents help to compensate part of it. And the child should also take out his own money. Pocket money for compensation.

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