Earn money With a Blog you will be able to market your ability to write articles of interest through sponsore posts using platforms like Coobis (which market your services with large advertisers for you) Creating a blog is relatively simple. The most difficult thing is usually to choose between all the blogging platforms that exist, which one is the one that interests you. To help you with this decision, we explain the differentiating elements of these 5 platforms to create blogs : Coobis- marketplace de brande content, SEO & Influencer Marketing.

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Do you want to increase the visibility of your brand and your products thanks to a Brande Content SEO & Influencers strategy? More information 1.- WordPress blogging platforms: WordPress If there is a popular platform to create blogs Mexico Phone Number List at the moment, it is WordPress , which allows you to create a free blog on a global platform and, on the other hand, gives you the option of downloading all the files to install open source software on your own server. WordPress is, de facto, the main platform not only for creating blogs but also for designing.  Corporate web pages, since it has grown in such a way that it is already a complete content management system.

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CMS, content management system). If you use the wordpress platform you can create a blog for free.  Without the nee to hire external hosting and in just 5 steps.  Choose the domain by which you will be recognize. It will always be in the Business Lead format wordpress. Subsequently, the platform will offer you the possibility of buying your own domain to which you can reirect this space. Enter an email account, username, and password . Choose the template that you are going to use that defines the look of your blog. If you want to have a free blog, you must choose the option ” Choose free ” that will never expire.

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