ACL DirectPromo We know about Relational Marketing We are experts in. Loyalty and incentives We like to create unique experiences DataCentric Databases of Companies No. 1 in the market Updated data of more than 3,900,000 million companies and professionals. access now The year 2021 has been a year of adjustments marked by a slow economic recovery. still in the coronavirus pandemic. Which this December has already reached its sixth wave. Under this situation, the retail sector has adopted a flexible strategy that makes it easier to adjust to the new consumption habits of the Spanish, causing marketing professionals to reorganize

However, resources and distribution channels for this coming 2022. , a company specializing in the digitization of the retail sector. Has identified 5 key trends that will revolutionize retail in 2022 , based on a study of marketing professionals  Namibia phone number from the world’s leading brands and brands.  experiences According to the study carried out by Tiendeo “Retail Marketing Hot Trends 2022”, 58.6% of retailers and brands will bet on digital channels in 2022. The evolution in purchasing habits has led to the digital channel being the preferred medium for marketers to connect with consumers. Likewise, investment in traditional media (TV, radio or advertising on public roads) has shifted towards the digital medium.

Continued Namibia Phone Number of omnichannel

However, is in the study where digital marketing (83%) together with social networks (66%) will be the investments that will stand out the most in the marketing budgets of 2022. More than ever. The use of flexible strategies in the face of an uncertain future. However, with the need to offer omnichannel experiences. Will form the cornerstone of marketing strategies in 2022. The boom of the “experience store”  disappears to make way for that of experience stores. Stores capable of combining the physical and digital world at a specific time and place. A collateral effect of this paradigm shift is the crisis in the shopping center business model as we know it today,

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which runs the risk of disappearing, in favor of a more flexible one. However, which advertising campaigns will predominate. ephemeral or even punctual. Thus. Shopping centers will no longer be places of passage to consolidate.themselves as meeting points where the spaces will become scenarios in. Which different types of shows will be held that invite the consumption of a certain product or brand. However, objective of this change in the model is to attract the public to the store (both those who show purchase intention and those who do not) and thus create a unique experience

The paradigm of Namibia Phone Number establishments

based on emotions that establish a greater connection and bond. “Although physical stores continue to be well . Consumers want a memorable and frictionless experience, where digital will play a fundamental role,” says Eva Martín, CEO of Tiendeo. However, no wonder that the customer’s shopping experience is the. Most important factor in marketing strategy according to 84% of professionals * . Technology as a catalyst for change Mobile sales support solutions. Interactive kiosks, cashless stores, etc. This will be the future of commerce. With the incorporation of technology and artificial intelligence in the sales process. We will see more and more smart stores, which will allow

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