Are there keys to creating the most appropriate tone of voice in your digital content? The answer is yes. What seems like forever ago, I started working for an Australian company that will remain anonymous and that we will refer to as RC from now on. On my first day on the job, my superiors informed me that in addition to being in charge of company-wide digital content (in 12 languages), I was going to be The Tone of Voice Queen! How? The Queen of What? Of the tone of voice? All these questions hit me at once. “Be careful Tere, don’t let the title blind you, because you know perfectly well that all that glitters is not gold and even less a fictitious crown that will surely end up complicating your life more than necessary.

” And as I discovered during the “crowning ceremony”, I was not wrong. RC, had been publishing in the digital world for about 8 years under the baton of managers and directors with very different personalities. Until now, and due to the lack of a King or Queen Tone of El salvador phone number Voice to coordinate RC’s style of communication, each director had wanted to impose his style and his own Tone of Voice. The result was an explosive mix of messages that only managed to confuse the customer. The first of the self-proclaimed monarchs had wanted to write in a rather formal and somewhat conservative tone.

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The next one wanted to impose a much more youthful tone of voice, but instead of rewriting all the content and removing the previous style, he continued to add his style to the messages that were published since his promotion, creating a chaos of epic proportions. . The manager who followed him was much more educational, almost condescending and very masculine… Can you imagine the confusion that caused the poor reader? And, all this, in 12 languages ​​and in 19 countries. Communicative anarchy! Until then, no one had realized that, in the same way that it is very important to project a consistent visual appearance towards the public, it is also important to take care of the way a company addresses its clients in its digital communications.

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Until the “Queen of the Tone of Voice” arrived, she went through the tube and put order where, in her day, written chaos had reigned, RC did nothing but project a confused, inconsistent and very unprofessional message. And, today, I would like to avoid that very serious mistake. But let’s go by parts. With SEO Writing Assistant optimize the tone of your digital content Try now! → ads illustration What is the tone of a brand? Your company’s tone of voice is a reflection of your “personality” or brand DNA, as it is through the written word.

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Tone of voice governs what is said and how it is said: the content and communication style of texts. Inn any context and in any medium. The tone of voice is what. If we eliminated the logo. The color palette and all those visual elements that are usually known as Branding and that differentiate a company from its competitors. Would continue to make it possible for the client to identify it. Think about it: if an evil troll removed the brand tag from your website. Would your readers/customers know it was you? Or, in my case, if I eliminated that logo that is desperately asking for a rebrand right now and left all my pop art hero and heroine characters locked up at home for a few days. Would my reader know that Tere

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