Connecting with consumers in a 360º communication, will allow us to meet the objective of attracting the public to the physical point of sale, web or e-commerce platform Tags consumer relational marketing communication: 3 challenges of relationship marketing in 2022 ACL DirectPromo We know about Relational Marketing We are experts in loyalty and incentives We like to create unique experiences UDIMA Distance University of Madrid Degree in Marketing To train marketing specialists with scientific training and research skills A new year begins, and with it, 365 new opportunities for brands to experience and connect with their consumer.

However, the question seems clear, what challenges will marketing departments face during 2022? From Mediapost , they have analyzed the 3 challenges that will mark the relationship between brands and consumers during the next 12 months: Knowledge: the first party data will be  Nepal phone number the key to knowing the consumer In an environment without cookies, the first party data becomes a fundamental part of the company’s strategy. Brands must bet on those actions that allow them to obtain data from their consumers in order to improve their commercial and marketing strategy from attraction to loyalty,

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that is, throughout the sales funnel. Knowing the consumer profile will be essential in 2022 and member get member or recommendation. Or gamification actions will allow obtaining information about their tastes and interests. Which will facilitate the personalization of communications. But also enhance engagement between consumer and brand. In this sense, to answer questions such as. For example, where to make a promotion and of what type? What products or services are more? How much time do my customers spend in my physical store?

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Moreover, does my client behave in my physical or online store? Moreover, intelligence, or Business intelligence, along with Geomarketing tools become essential to know the client. As well as to direct marketing strategies in a marked environment by the return of the consumer to the physical store. A trend that will be in 2022. Moreover, addition, to generate engagement and achieve long-term consumer loyalty, an adequate implementation of data management through CRM and Loyalty programs will be essential. Thus, it will be possible to

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undertake personalized actions that attract the consumer to the physical and digital point of sale. Through digital-visual merchandising revitalization through games. Contests or raffles. Or consumer clubs that allow access to promotions that generate engagement and loyalty. By obtaining gifts, discounts or cash-backs linked. Or not, to the channel chosen for the purchase by the consumer. audience in a 360º environment Hybrid and omnichannel communication will be the great protagonist of the year that has just begun. In 2022, the goal is to attract traffic to physical points of sale, the web and the e-commerce platform, and to do this, it is

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