The profile photo must be expressly chosen, do not leave the initial egg. Describe yourself in 160 characters, but without falling into the usual clichés. It is your letter of introduction: be original. Include a link to your page. Where do you work? Facilitates geolocation tasks. The cover photo must be worke and respect the design and colors of your brand. 2.- What are you talking about? In a company profile, the theme of the account is clear, but when talking about personal accounts it is difficult to know what to talk about. If you are a Marketing Director.

A Matter That Combines Urgency

The logical thing is that you offer your followers messages relate to that topic. Although you don’t have to be rigid with the choice of theme, you can occasionally incorporate more everyday tweets, from day to day. In addition to what you’re Vietnam Phone Number List working on, your users will want to know what you do when you’re not working, how you spend your spare time. 3.- Follow similar accounts The accounts that deal with the same theme as yours are the accounts that you are intereste in following. Twitter is a large network of accounts, users and profiles, so following an account that deals with the same topic can ultimately result in an increase in followers.

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A Component Of Value For The Subscriber

The idea of ​​following similar accounts can also be useful to be able to know what is happening in the sector in which you work, and meet the most influential profiles. 4.- Share Another ideal way to get more followers on Twitter is by sharing Business Lead third party content. When sharing you are generating interaction with other accounts. A retweet can be reason enough to establish a relationship with another account, and thus expand your network. When it comes to sharing, you better do it with third-party content, and not with your own content, since the ideal is to get a greater number of followers. Sharing your own content will be difficult to attract new users, while doing it with content from others will be a relatively simple job.

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