This will analyze: When was the last time customers made a purchase How often they make purchases How much turnover Tongliao Phone Number they have generat for the organization This gives a good insight into the type of customer you are currently achieving success with in the form of revenue value. It gives you insight into how your customer base is structur. You can create various Tongliao Phone Number customer segments in your customer base. This way you have customers who buy often and a lot from you, but you can also identify potential champions or sleeping champions. You obviously want to focus on the champions – the customers Tongliao Phone Number who have bought recently, bought more often and also spend a lot.

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Identify valuable customers There are also opportunities with promising customers or customers who need attention Tongliao Phone Number to buy again. By performing this analysis, you gain insight into where the potential and value lie for your company. Apart from account based marketing, this analysis is of course very interesting to perform. A follow-up could be that you focus your Tongliao Phone Number ABM strategy on your existing customer base because there is a lot of potential there. And by identifying your most valuable customers, you can also look for more of Tongliao Phone Number these types of customers.

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When you have identified your most valuable customers, it is good to know why that customer is a customer with you. What were the Tongliao Phone Number reasons for buying from you? Who was involved in the purchase? Who are decision makers and influencers? This gives you input for the content you will create for the ideal customer. work on laptop 3. Determine your ideal customer and make a target list Tongliao Phone Number In this step you want to draw up an ideal customer. Through the previous step you know which type of customer suits you well. Time to look for more Tongliao Phone Number such customers.

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