Multiply keyword lists to get new keywords. Keyword Planner is the tool stemming from the old Google app for keyword suggestion and traffic estimator. By uniting these two features into one, the Planner has become the place to go to find the keywords for your campaigns . Furthermore, it is possible to multiply the words that you currently have and also obtain data, statistics and forecasts on your ongoing campaigns. 1.- Find new ideas for keywords and ad groups adwords keyword planner: Search for new keywords.

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The main goal of most users when using the Adwords keyword planner is to find new ideas to expand their keyword list. Google offers you multiple suggestions on different keywords, relating one to the other. In order to obtain the lists of keywords propose by the keyword planner, all you have to do is enter the words you work with, incorporate Argentina Phone Number List the category, language, location or those words you have decide to exclude from the results. Base on the data provide, the Google tool will provide you with a series of results that you can apply to the different Adwords ad groups. Proposals are accompanie by estimates that may take into account visits or traffic volume.

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In addition, they are complemente by incorporating the suggeste bid, that is, the money that you should invest to be able to work with the suggeste keyword. Google’s suggestions can be applie and include in the search engine marketing Business Lead campaign you’re working on, but you can also use them as a base and modify them to suit your nees and interests. 2.- Obtain search volume trends for a list of keywords adwords keyword planner: search volume Another option offere by the AdWords keyword planner is to know how many searches the group of keywords suggeste by AdWords as well as those that you propose yourself as a user can obtain per month.

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