Loewe ORO Collection 2012 There are times when campaigns go viral in a way that is not quite good for the company. This is what happene with the Loewe brand , which launche a campaign in 2012 to present its new collection of bags. For the ad, the company chose young people of both sexes who explaine what the brand meant to them. The campaign was intende to represent the country’s youth and their relationship with Loewe products.

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The campaign went viral, but not because users saw themselves reflecte in it, nor was it like by the majority. On the contrary, the youth who were part of this campaign were ridicule by users as most of the youth felt outrage and unrepresent Sri Lanka Phone Number List by this ad. On the one hand, due to the character and comments of the models and, on the other hand, since they trie to bring these products closer to the youth when, in reality, these products are inaccessible to the vast majority due to their high price. Therefore, it was a viral campaign, but part of its popularity was due to the fact that it became the center of ridicule and ridicule for a large part of the users.

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Get up ZP: Robbery of Zapatero’s seat This was an action frame in the UN ‘s “ Millennium Campaign ” . In the video you can see how four young people, who calle themselves ” The four cats “, steal a chair from the Government seat in Congress. Specifically, the one occupie by the then president José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, leaving him Business Lead a note on the bench with the following message: “ Zapatero, on October 16, stand up against poverty ”. Obviously, the video turne out to be false, since there was no robbery in Congress but there were unauthorize recordings within the Congress of Deputies.

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