The number of followers on Twitter is directly associate with greater activity on this social network , although this is not always the case. In case you have made a plan with the objective of increasing followers on Twitter using inappropriate tactics, the results can be: Few retweets (RT) : An account full of followers who have arrive voluntarily can boast of having a large number of followers, but in reality these followers do not generate any interaction with the brand, so their activity is not interesting.

The User From The Beginning Otherwise

It is important to attract users who are going to be intereste in the brand.  Since this will generate greater brand-client complicity, thereby increasing the number of retweets. Debate is not generate : In the same way that it is difficult to generate RT if the Ukraine Phone Number List followers have not arrive of their own accord, the debate that can be generate on Twitter, base on comments and responses, does not arise either, because something has not been done well. The debate generate by messages on Twitter is a good way to attract new users, since it manages.  To disseminate a message and turn it into an element of interest for other users of the network. Customers do not contact the company.

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It Will Never Open The Message

It is common for your company to receive commercial messages. But few from individuals if they have not reache you correctly. The number of private messages receive can be an indicator that something has not been done well, or that it Business Lead is necessary to improve. Twitter converts little : It is a direct consequence of dubious practices when it comes to getting more followers on Twitter. The number of conversions for the company comes directly from the number of followers.  But what are the bad practices to get more followers on Twitter? We have compile some of the practices that could be considere inappropriate to increase the number of followers on Twitter.

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