Their expectations but also a space that leads them to carry out the action expecte by the brand, what is identifie as a conversion, be it a purchase, a registration, a download or any other type of action that will generally involve filling in a form by the visitor. If you nee to increase landing page conversions, try these 15 keys that will help you have a more efficient space : 1.- Landing page without navigation A landing page that converts better is a landing page that does not allow the user to navigate to any other site. Although it may seem like a restrictive measure.

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The landing page that does not allow navigation works better because it forces the user to carry out the action for which the landing page was create. In addition to not being able to leave the landing page, it is important to eliminate distractions Belgium Phone Number List so that the user’s concentration goes directly to the call to action. The action button has to be powerful, visual and striking, so that the user goes directly to it and wants to click to get the expecte benefit. 2.- Designe for mobile designing for mobile helps increase landing page conversions.

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An ideal landing page in 2016 is one that is create to be displaye properly on mobile devices. Being designe for the smallest screen on which the landing page can be seen, it allows the designer to create a reuce landing page and, later, be able to expand the contents until they reach those that are seen on a desktop computer screen. Taking Business Lead into account that most users are browsing from mobile devices , it is almost mandatory to design the landing page for them. Anything that can be adapte to mobile conditions will increase landing page conversions. 3.- Includes multimeia elements The objective when designing a landing page is that the user can spend as much time as possible on it, since by spending more time.

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