Mary Streep or Julia Roberts. The selfie was taken using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, The television presenter use Twitter to broadcast on her account the snapshot she took in full celebration of the most famous film awards. The photo didn’t take long to go viral. In fact, in less than 40 minutes it got more than a million retweets , thus becoming the most retweete selfie in history . In this way, the photo broke all records and quickly became the most viral selfie in history.

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Samsung achieve its goal. Although the price paid by Samsung for the American presenter to advertise her product was very high, achieving the selfie with the most RTs in history deserve it. This image surpasse the most retweete photo so Qatar Phone Number List far, which was an image that Obama uploade to his Twitter account after winning the election for the second time. In fact, the selfie of Hollywood celebrities manage to break the record of the President of the Unite States in less than 30 minutes. In this advertising campaign, Samsung was clear that Ellen.

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DeGeneres was the right person to be the host of the Oscars gala. However, this campaign with influencers also has its downside that can be learne from . After the De Generes gala, she continue to post images of the parties that are usually Business Lead held on Twitter. But she did it with her personal cell phone: an Iphone. 4.- Nike Court The sports company.  Nike launche an advertising campaign in 2015 to launch a new clothing line.  Nike Court and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of its most famous advertisements in history . That ad in which Pete Sampras and André Agassi cut New York traffic to play a game of tennis. For this campaign, once again, he use the power of different influencers from the world of tennis.

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