If Google has fallen, Google will be penalizing you. Position any page besides the homepage? Reasons for penalizing the web by Google There are numerous reasons for Google penalizing the web, no one knows exactly how many reasons there may be for Google to decide to give your site a negative score, perhaps only Google knows. We wante to compile some of the reasons that most commonly affect the positioning that Google gives: 1.- Duplicate content One of the aspects that Google values ​​best is originality . Duplicate content is therefore penalize.

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It was a very common practice, especially in online stores, to use texts and complete information from manufacturers for the sale of their products. It was a simple way to present the products and have the contents positione using the same Chile Phone Number List text and presentation of its original manufacturer. So that the content is not considere as a duplicate, it is not enough to change the color, the bold or the italics, Google values ​​very deeply that the content that is uploade is 100% original. duplicate content Keep in mind that you may be using duplicate images or tables, but with new content.

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It may be that in these cases, the description of the images or the tabs may remain the same as in the original, so the content will continue to be considere a duplicate, since it will not have change at all. It is also important to incorporate new Business Lead URLs, since a repeate URL ends up being detrimental to all those sites that have the same URL. Also, appreciate that duplicate content may come from a website more important than yours . For example, if you duplicate content from Amazon or eBay, you will be harming your site, but not these sites, which is a site with enough SEO weight and authority to not be harme by this fact. Google will know that the one copying is you, and not Amazon.

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