Then, for each channel, look at: What type of content UK B2B List best on which channel? What type of customers interact with you the most? Which platforms drive the most traffic to your website? Again, you nee to check that your account is cohesive across multiple platforms. From making sure your handles are the same to using the right logo, imagery, and tone of voice base on the platform, it’s all about UK B2B List a unifie front so your customers can find and remember you. Keep in mind that your tone and content will vary base on your audience and the social platform you use, and those UK B2B List targeting both B2B and B2C markets nee to make sure they tailor their content to that specific audience.

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Don’t forget to complete a check for any UK B2B List or old accounts, as well as accounts that may have been set up by former employees, as this may confuse customers. competitor analysis While it’s important to measure your success, you also nee to see how you compare to your competitors in order to gain insight into your industry as a whole and highlight any areas for improvement. Identify Your Competitors: You should UK B2B List have a vague idea of ​​your competitors , but if not, use Google or other keyword tools to search for the keywords your customers use to find your business and find others UK B2B List to your industry. Remember to only compare your social strategy to businesses that are actively using social media for the most accurate comparison.

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Gather your data: I find spreadsheets work best for UK B2B List and are. The clearest way to keep everything in one place. You nee to research which social media platforms they are using. How many followers they have, the type of content they post, and whether they. Use any platform-specific features, such as Instagram Stories or Facebook Shopping. You also nee to look at their audience growth, engagement, and UK B2B List type of hashtags or keywords they use. A great free tool to use here is Social Blade , which drills down into various metrics so you can get a clearer picture of your UK B2B List ‘ social presence.

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