If you’re a content creator, you’ve probably considered using a content AI tool to help you write. After all, these tools can be extremely helpful in generating ideas and getting your creative juices flowing. But is it really a good idea to rely on an AI tool for your writing? I wrote this post together with Bertha. This is a tool that will help you to draft your content using AI. Netherlands Mobile Number In this blog post, Bertha and I will tell you all about our first collaboration!

How to start with Bertha?

This section is actually written by me, Marieke. Netherlands Mobile Number I was skeptical about AI. I am a writer, an artist, and was not that sure that a robot could take my place. But I decided to give this a try. The first step I took was to let Bertha come up with a blog post outline based on the title of this article. Bertha gave me some great ideas! I chose the following outline:


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  1. Introduction: Content AI tool that can help you write better headlines, blog posts, and social media updates
  2. Yoast: A content optimization plugin for WordPress that will help you with your SEO
  3. What does Bertha.AI do?
  4. Conclusion: How these two tools can help you take your content to the next level

I decided to skip the second suggestion because that will not be of much use for our Yoast audience. After that, I asked Bertha to write the introduction to this blog post. Admittedly, I added the last three sentences myself (hey, it still is a collaboration :-)). Also, I filled out the focus keyphrase in SEO for which I want this post to rank for ‘Yoast SEO and Bertha’. With the paragraph generator, I generated the three topics Bertha suggested I would write. It asked me what the paragraphs should be about. So, it’s my opinion and voice you’re reading, but I did not draft those exact sentences. After that, I generated the concluding paragraph.

My (or should I say Bertha’s) readability score remained green throughout the writing process. I did notice that Bertha’s sentences are a bit more lengthy than my sentences generally are. The bullet of the SEO analysis was orange. So I did some minor tweaks on my SEO after I drafted this post.


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