It is through this App that Euskaltel takes the opportunity to launch messages to its customers, and carry out campaigns directly aime at the users of this very particular service of your company . 3.- Reading QR codes proximity marketing: qr Another element that is gaining weight in the world of proximity marketing is the QR code. This kind of barcode that can be read with a mobile device is basically a link to a website . By hovering over the code, the mobile reader will interpret your action as a way of reirecting you to the campaign in question, to the website where the promotion is locate.

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Reading the QR code is a proximity marketing action when it is. do from the products you buy or in the places you walk. For example, Coca-Cola routinely embes campaigns inside its cans with a QR code that tells you whether or not you’ve won Malta Phone Number List a prize . The same is the case with museums, which little by little are incorporating the QR code as a way of expanding the information about a painting, a sculpture or a piece of art exhibite in their collection. The client knows the advantages of the QR code, knows that when reading this code he will find something else.

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The curiosity to know what is hidde behind this strange drawing is enough. Reason to pass the reader over it and enter the campaign. 4.- Proximity marketing with bluetooth proximity marketing: bluetooth It is about sending the customer, through Business Lead the bluetooth connection, an offer or a coupon. It is enough to notify the customer that he is connecting to the Bluetooth network.  So that his mobile begins to receive these promotions . Re Bull launche a proximity marketing action, notifying customers who connecte. To the bluetooth network that they would receive exclusive offers on their mobile phones. Discount coupons were receive just by connecting to the bluetooth network.

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