The long overdue WeChat double number

Some time ago, WeChat conducted Sweden Phone Number an internal test, and one mobile phone can register two WeChat accounts.


For the majority of netizens, although this function is useful, it is inevitably a bit late.

Because users who need to register multiple WeChat accounts have already registered their second and third WeChat accounts by either buying or borrowing.


However, WeChat began to face up to this problem and solved the problem through official means, which is enough to prove that a WeChat account is not enough, and it has long become a common problem.

2. Repeated switching of video accounts

Sweden Phone Number


The problem of insufficient accounts does not only occur in WeChat. It is also very common on TikTok.

Xiaogan is engaged in sales work. He will use the products he sells as the theme, shoot some funny videos, post them on Douyin, and accumulate some popularity and fans to help his career.

He has already used two Douyin accounts, one for work and one for entertainment.

On the one hand, according to his understanding of Douyin’s rules, he believes that the people he often watches and interacts with on Douyin will affect the group Sweden Phone Number of fans who watch his videos. In order to improve the accuracy of the push group of the work account, he only uses this account to watch videos in the business circle.

On the other hand, he doesn’t really want people around him to watch his funny videos. Although there is no psychological burden when showing it to strangers. But  if you let the people around you see the  other side of yourself: deliberately doing funny things and showing weird expressions, you still feel like you are on the verge of social death.

So, he used two Douyin accounts to switch back and forth.


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Compared with Xiaogan, Yingying, who uses two B station accounts, has a simpler purpose.

She is not an UP host, does not upload videos, and does not do any commercial promotion. Both Albania Phones Number accounts are used to watch videos.

As we all know, station B is not only an entertainment video platform, but also a learning platform.

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