McDonald ‘s proposes to users to improve their hamburgers. To do this, the hamburger next to the ” Make it better ” button is displaye on the banner. When you click on the button, the background changes, adding improvements, but the hamburger remains the same. The concept that they want to sell from McDonalds: their product is unbeatable . 15.- Lipton creative banners : Lipton In this banner Lipton allows the user to write any letter in the space that is propose. Once one letter or another is chosen from the tea brand, different ways of coping with.

Different Tastes Aspirations And Concerns

The heat are shown with some activity that begins with the letter that the user has chosen. For example, sitting on an ice cube with the S. It is when writing the L that the idea to cool off is Lipton Ice Tea, saying that ” now this is the way to stay cool .” 16.- Vizier creative banners : Vizier Vizir is a detergent brand that challenges you to find out how dirty Exit Phone Numbers the back of your cursor is. Placing the cursor where indicate, it shows the back of the cursor dirty, and then puts the cursor in a washing machine and washes it with Vizir, leaving it sparkling clean. 17.- Gatorade creative banners : Gatorade creative banners : Gatorade The Gatorade banner shows.

Exit Phone Numbers

Therefore Knowing The Target Audience

An animation in which a fall articulate doll can be to life.  By the user by clicking on the arrow that shows the isotonic drink. In this way, energy is given to the doll that acquires different postures and shapes, showing the possibility of Business Lead carrying out multiple sports activities. 18.- Nissan creative banners : Nissan With this banner , Nissan shows the importance. Of wearing a seat belt in vehicles using its own logo. The banner is up of two images that lie one below the other. At the top appears the modifie Nissan logo on which there is a belt with the motto “A brocha el cinturón “. In turn, below is the image of a girl with a bruise face. When you buckle up, the Nissan logo is complete with the slogan ” Change the way you move.

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