Again, in this option, the Keyword Planner again suggests a series of keywords relate to the search performe, in case you want to incorporate them into your AdWords advertising campaign. It is interesting to note that Google offers you the option of writing the list of keywords or uploading a file in which you have include that same list, so you save yourself from having to write them all over again. 3.- Obtain click performance and cost forecasts adwords keyword planner: traffic forecasts Thanks to this tool it is possible.

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To know the estimate of the number of clicks that the ad can obtain and the number of impressions that the ad or the campaign will have . In order to have more exact data, the search is carrie out applying a budget, which allows us to better narrow Armenia Phone Number List down the data and to know more exactly how many visits, clicks and impressions your campaign could obtain base on the chosen keywords and the budget with which it is carrie out. bill. 4.- Multiply keyword lists to get new keywords adwords keyword planner: Combine lists Another of the functions that you have at your disposal is to multiply the list of keywords to obtain new keywords.

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The ideal is to create new keywords from the automatic combination of several lists of keywords that you already work with . You can choose the keywords from several lists and thus obtain a series of keywords propose by the combination Business Lead of those previously selecte words. If you work with Google AdWords it is almost essential to use the AdWords keyword planner to get the most out of your campaign management tool. Sparking the keyword planner is the ideal way to optimize those campaigns that are not reporting the expecte results, find out what is the reason behind that failure and thus be able to reverse the situation. Or discover new opportunities to improve campaigns that are already being effective.

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