Owner or producer of what we offer. In the same way that a signature does. However. Given that over time a brand begins to take on other values and meanings as a result of the interaction with its audiences. It is common to want to attribute deeper functions to it.

Such as the transmission of certain concepts. But it is important to understand that it is not the graphic brand that is in charge of communicating the company’s positioning . But rather that it is the positioning that finishes filling it with content and meaning.

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Dyeing itself as the element present in all interactions between the audience and the company. Organization. From graphic design. The real work consists of correctly  Jamaica phone number defining the graphic brand strategy and properly choosing the identifiers. In order to increase the guarantees that it correctly adjusts to the target audience and the strategic profile of the organization.

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Achieving its function in the shortest possible time and with the least economic investment. 15 performance parameters of a graphic brand the design of high-quality identification signs determines the most appropriate type of visual communication for each institutional identity and applies it.

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Its communication needs and the context in which it operates. In order to assess the degree to which the resulting brand responds to these conditions. Chaves and belluccia created the 15 performance parameters . Which are related to the functions of the brand and what it must achieve.

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