why your product or service is relevant to David and how to reach him online.

Ultimately, your buyer personas give your team a narrow focus, which leads to a higher chance of reaching and connecting with them during their digital media journey.

Map the Sales Journey

A sales journey is the series of steps that your customers will take before purchasing from your brand.

People don’t just stumble upon a product and push “Buy now”. There’s a whole series of interactions that lead up to that moment where they go from prospect to customer.

Your brand may be completely unknown to your customer, so you’ll need to understand how your marketing can influence them across these five steps until they become an avid supporter of your brand:


It’s critical that you have Once You’ve

a specific plan for each step of this buyer cycle. This is the best way to effectively guide them from being completely unaware of your brand, to have them stick around as a lifelong customer.

Many brands overlook what happens once a person has actually become a customer, yet this is an absolutely crucial step. It’s much easier (and cheaper) to have a customer who is a repeat buyer than it is to win new buyers all the time.

Realizing that marketing does VP Security Email Lists not end with a purchase can be an important step in making efforts sustainable.

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Craft a Digital Media Journey Once You’ve

With this deep understanding of your customers and how they will need to be influenced along the journey, you can now customize your digital marketing to create a great experience for them.

With a consistent brand voice and the knowledge of where your customers are on their digital journey, you can then optimize your advertising and messaging across the right platforms at the right times.

Once they learn to trust your voice and understand your brand presence across their favorite channels and be more likely to buy for you when they reach the stage when they’re actually ready to purchase something.

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