Moreover, these two techniques cannot transfer domain authority and backlinks. So, if you need a redirect, we recommend that you stick with the 301 redirect.

7. Unused Sitemaps That Can Help Website Indexing
One way that you can do to help index your website on Google is to create a sitemap. This is an XML document that lists the pages of your website.

By using these two steps, your website


already has a sitemap. However, you are still making settings on Yoast SEO. The next step, you can click the icon in the question mark section next to XML Sitemaps, then click See the XML sitemap.

Then copy the URL of the page to submit to Google Search Console.

8. Losing Backlinks Due to 404 . Error Pages
Another SEO problem is letting your web page experience a 404 error, plus getting backlinks from other websites. This is because, the backlinks obtained on that page are automatically invalid.

it usually occurs because the page is corrupted, deleted, or has been moved to Greece Phone Number another part of the URL, but not redirected. Another alternative to find the pages that are experiencing these errors is to use the help of Google Search Console (GSC).

GSC can display various errors that occur on your website.

Greece phone number list

After finding the 404 error in the list that appears, click on the error section. Then, scroll down to the bottom until you find the Examples section. This is where a list of page URLs with 404 errors is shown.

Next, you need to check the URLs in the list. If it has been moved to another part of the URL, then you need to do a 301 redirect from the old URL to the new URL. Although the effect is indirect, this redirect can restore backlinks to the URLs that were moved.

9. Allowing Unnatural Backlinks
The number of backlinks is one of the ranking factors in SEO. However, you need to keep the backlinks obtained are quality and natural backlinks. This is because, Google has the potential to assume you are doing link building practices that are prohibited by Google rules, thereby removing the website from search results.

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