Editor-in-Chief: Just after 20:00 on June 17th, Ms. Wang, who lives in Kadin District, Shanghai, received the Dikanon Frisbee from Jingdong Express, which is also the 28-hour national peak of “6.18” this year. The first order served。At the same time, Mr. Wu of Xixi, Hangzhou City also received an iPhone from Brother Jingdong Express; Mr. Liu in Chaoyang District, Beijing, received a sharp service from a nearby liquor store in less than 10 minutes.

At the consumer end, at the supply end, at the platform end, the accumulated consumption potential in recent months broke out during the largest shopping season of “6.18” this year。

As of 23:59 on June 18, the cumulative order amount of Jingdong’s “6.18” in 2022

Was set at 379.3 billion yuan, and the innovation Philippines photo editor was high. Su ningyi’s “6.18” big data on family scene consumption released on june 18 shows. That during the “6.18” period this year, the sales of platform blast purchase. Increased by 257% year-on-year, and the sales of high-end home appliances. In stores increased by 182% year-on-year growth of new orders.

While traditional appliances have witnessed new growth. Emerging appliances have also achieved new breakthroughs. From june 1st to 18th, the live broadcast of the trembler. Was 40.45 million hours long, and the short video. Of the shopping cart was broadcast 115.1 billion times. During the “6.18” period.

The sales volume of the Shake Mall increased by 514% year-on-year,

Philippines photo editor

The number of participating businesses increased by 159% year-on-year。Quick flashlight data shows that the first three days of the fast hand “6.16” live shopping festival (May 20-22), the brand merchant GMV increased by 592% year-on-year。Among them, the cosmetics industry set a GMV peak since 2021 on May 20。

A pen order, a piece of parcel, conveys Business Lead the consumer’s yearning for a better life, and it is also a proof of the continued improvement of consumer confidence, manufacturing, circulation and other industries。At the same time, this year’s “6.18”, when the platforms are fully guarding the most beautiful fireworks in the world, there is a different background color。

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