A style and a type of associations partly by itself but also by conventional. Or cultural factors that may vary slightly with the trends of the moment.  Most importantly, In general a serif typeface is associated. With classicism sophistication and traditionalism.  Sans serif typeface is associated with simplicity modernity. In other words, Closeness but this should not be understood as a strict or immovable rule. For some time now, it is increasingly common to design ad hoc fonts for a company. But not only for the logo but as a font for the entire company. In other words, At Summa we have been doing it for our clients for a long time. Most importantly, According to each case build brand visual style. In other words, The definition of a visual style consists of systematizing certain graphic solutions.

Frames and other visual resources to achieve

Image treatment, light, frames and other visual resources to achieve identity and recognition. Most importantly, Even leaving some freedom of resources, brands Logo Designs Service must have a style of photography or illustration. Most importantly, Example of iconography of the Correos project: iconography build brand On the other hand, it is also necessary to take into account the movement, or what is the same, to define the behavior patterns of the brand identity elements in audiovisual media. In other words, More and more supports allow movement. On the other hand, the olfactory identity can be key for some brands. In other words, And a decisive factor in the memory or loyalty of a customer with respect to the brand.

Logo Designs Service

So it must be defined within the brand identity

So it must be defined within the brand identity so as not to have to improvise solutions without a global vision. Sound olfactory identity Business Lead In addition to verbal and visual identity, some brands choose or need other identity resources such as auditory or olfactory. In other words, You probably recognize the smell of a clothing brand store or a bank office. Or the sound of a computing device or a motorcycle engine. In other words, The sound identity or audio branding identifies the brand in media that include audio, from the web or videos, to simply waiting for a phone call or a characteristic sound of the product. In other words, It can be a hymn, a human voice, a tune, a sound or a bank of sound effects. Logically, it will be more important the more the sense of hearing intervenes in their expressions and interactions.

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