Many employers find this challenging but, ultimately, there should be no cause for concern.

Foster open communication around salary and money in the workplace. Ensure that your employees feel comfortable discussing their concerns, and can give feedback on any disparity.

Around 23% of employees aren’t sure if they’re paid fairly compared to their colleagues, or others in their field.

This can lead to uncertainty about their position. In the age of the Great Resignation, employers can lose valuable members of staff when they’re not comfortable with their pay structure.

The average gender pay gap still sits at around 15%. It’s important that your company proves its commitment to pay parity across genders, ethnicity and age groups (where appropriate).

All of your employees deserve to VP R&D Email Lists feel valued for their hard work, regardless of their differences.

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Culture and Religion

In today’s offices, it’s extremely likely that your employees come from different cultural backgrounds and religions. Despite this, many organisations still operate around Christian holidays or similar beliefs.

Be mindful of your team members and their personal beliefs. Encourage an open discussion around religious or cultural holidays, and be as flexible as possible.

Avoid scheduling meetings at certain times, and ensure that their work schedule reflects their preferences or culture. Depending on the office culture, you might want to openly celebrate these holidays, but encourage feedback from your employees to learn more.

It’s important not to single out employees, but it’s just as important to make sure everyone feels comfortable. The human element is an important part of running a business.

It’s crucial that your business makes the effort to make staff from all cultures feel welcome. Your teams thrive when they feel appreciated and understood.

Your Executive Teams Pay Equity Open

How diverse are your organization’s leaders? While diversity and inclusion are now even more important for many companies, executive teams are often far less diverse than the general workforce.

Your executive team members are the face of your business and the driving force behind inclusivity within the organization. Your current and future employees need to feel represented by the decision-makers in the business.

Your employees should have every opportunity to raise concerns regarding diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This can be much more challenging when they don’t relate to anyone with the ability to make changes.

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