What can you fix? Card clicks: Specifically on YouTube. are a lot of people clicking a card at a specific time? Or is your card missing your audience? Frequency: Use video engagement data to determine how often to post. and when to pull back. Time of day: With social platforms like Facebook and Twitter putting a lot of value on posting time. video engagement data can help inform when your best times to post on social might be.

Titles and description copy: Did your top-performing videos have particularly keyword-rich descriptions? What were their titles like? Preview images: Is there imagery that worked particularly well for video clicks? Identify which videos to repurpose The more mileage you can get out of one video. the better. Identifying your high performers can help you determine which videos are worth repurposing and posting on other channels—even beyond social. A side by side of the same video repurposed on both instagram reels and tik tok

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Connect content to intent Going viral for the right reasons is every social media manager’s dream. But at the end of the day. your social efforts have to positively impact your business’ bottom line. Video engagement data. when paired Georgia Phone Numbers with other metrics. can help you connect content interactions with audience intent. Looking at a successful video and comparing it to website clicks. event registrations. profile views. email signups. etc. at the time it was posted can connect content to action.

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This can illustrate the real business impact your efforts make to your senior leaders. Make an impact with video engagement metrics Video engagement metrics and social media analytics don’t exist in a silo. By combining some of these metrics with awareness metrics—like impressions—and more. you can start to form a full picture of how video can drive your social strategy. and your business. forward. It’s hard to be decisive when it comes to social data. but you’re not alone.

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Use our social media metrics cheat sheet to find the metrics that matter most to you. Then. level up your insights and make data analysis a breeze—request a demo of Sprout’s Analytics tools today. Categories Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Social Media Analytics Social Media Engagement Social Media Strategy Twitter Video YouTube Carly Hill Carly Hill is a Content Specialist at Sprout Social where her own experience in social and managing a viral campaign involving penguins walking through an empty aquarium in 2020 helps fuel the articles

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