Play with the core technology of the cloud! Aws deepracer artificial intelligence racing debut Awsdr Photo credit: aws Of course, the “Aws deepracer smart self-driving car competition”, which is held every year with the taiwan cloud summit, will not be absent. Aws deepracer is the embodiment of the core technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning used behind amazon’s products. Fun and exciting learning sessions. The competition design not only adds a lot of fun to cloud technology, but also arouses the fighting spirit of developers from all over the world to compete for prizes and win championship glory.

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Courses and Nigeria Phone Number learning resources provided by aws, it also creates a friendly environment for technology learning and promotion. Aws gives all engineers the best edutainment field. Isn’t it enough for exciting seminars and exciting competitions that are entertaining and entertaining? There are also lucky draws, in-depth participation points and questionnaires at the event site. Those who register early will receive an early bird gift! Register now for the rich and interesting 2022 aws taiwan cloud summit! You may also like Aws taiwan cloud summit will debut on august 10: the grand return of physical activiti, technology development and industrial tren are fully grasp in two days Aws taiwan cloud summit will debut on septemb.

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Clockfocusing on seven cloud .Themes and exposing heavyweight resources .The aws dev day developer conference will .Debut online in october, register now, and get .The most powerful technical blood cloud event. The aws cloud summit will debut online on july 10.And you can also remotely participate in the. Ai ​​self-driving cup take advantage of cloud open architecture.Amazon eks high availability cluster rapidly deploy containers Accelerate the pace of agile development! Aws amplify helps enterprises create high-performance application services


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