UDIMA Distance University of Madrid Degree in Marketing To train marketing specialists with scientific training and research skills UDIMA Distance University of Madrid Degree in Marketing To train marketing specialists with scientific training and research skills During this year. The digital acceleration that began in 2020 driven by the pandemic has continued. And some of the changes in consumption habits that and are here to stay have already been . To this we must add that, during this year, society and all kinds of industries have continued their transformation. Forcing agencies, advertisers and technology to evolve. The advertising market,

of course, is no stranger to this context, and is undergoing a rapid evolution that is also by a series of changes to which professionals must adapt as soon as possible. Google’s announcement to postpone the demise of third-party cookies to mid-2023 may have  Paraguay phone number reassured some of the industry. However, there is no turning back, assuming a before and after at all levels. In this sense. The trends that will mark the advertising sector over the next year: Companies will put user privacy first Against a background of growing data privacy concerns, in 2022 companies will make an effort to build greater trust among their customers. With an emphasis on establishing strong privacy policies.

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This a situation that is already beginning to be seen, with more and more companies betting on new profiles such as the Chief Privacy Officers (CPO) to take care of everything to privacy. However, organizations do not necessarily need a CPO to be successful in this regard. As long as they are able to recognize what their users want and put their preferences first. For this to be effective. Companies must ensure that their privacy policies are transparent. Enforce them all the time, and never surprise their users. New trends in marketing investments Several brands like Patagonia have decided to stop advertising on Facebook (Meta). And now more and more companies are looking for new options on how and

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where they spend their marketing budget. Companies today are aware that their spending on different actions supports and sustains the voices and points of view that directly impact billions of people around the world.  there will be a greater monitoring of what finances this spending and who benefits from it. With a special interest in investing in businesses that align with corporate values ​​and the problems of society. This will see more brands embracing the Open Internet to reach a richer and more diverse audience. While also allowing them to align with partners representing diverse backgrounds. Adtech or martech solutions with AI will be the

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winning bet Artificial Intelligence is one of the most popular technologies in recent years, and is also one of the most effective in determining future behavior. According to ForrestBrands will embrace AI-based audience solutions, driving 20% ​​growth in the media and advertising category by 2022. With AI and machine learning, marketers can gain insights at time and scale real. Offering them the opportunity to understand their audiences, improve their business performance and build trust through real relevance. If an advertiser or marketer does not use solutions that use AI to improve their campaigns, they are missing out on insights. New audiences, and productivity gains, while those who embrace

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