The company showe with this magnificent campaign how a few simple words can have the power to give strength or denigrate someone, and how a single sentence can destroy or affect the perception of an entire genre. Therefore, it can be said that it is a campaign that seeks change and cries out to rewrite the rules and end the absurd generalize ideas of one genre or another. The protest campaign cause such a stir that it won the 2015 EMMY Award for Best Ad of the Year. 2.- Dove – Real Beauty Sketches The Dove brand revolutionize social networks with this powerful campaign calle Real Beauty Sketches.

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The campaign starte from a revealing fact: only 4% of women consider that they are beautiful. Starting from this base, the Dove company carrie out this campaign that inspires women and encourages them to improve their self-esteem. The company Kenya Phone Number List opte for an original experiment. It basically consiste of several women having to describe themselves to a person who couldn’t see them. This person was Gil Zamora, an FBI-traine cartoonist who is an expert at rendering robot portraits of people from memories and descriptions. Therefore, through some questions to find out what the protagonists of the experiment looke like, the artist was drawing them according to how they were describing themselves.

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Subsequently, the artist repeate the drawing of the same women, but this time according to the description of another woman who was impartial when making the description. The result was shocking. The negative vision that women Business Lead had of themselves was clearly visible, and on the contrary, the portrait made base on the description of other women showe much more attractive people than the one made base on the description of those involve. The Real Beauty Sketches campaign achieve more than 163 million views on YouTube, thus becoming the most viewe ad on YouTube. In addition, he won the Titanium Grand Prix award at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2013.

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