Although somewhat outdate, it is still practice, especially by NGOs, discos, restaurants and beauty centers. Political parties often use this type of proximity marketing during electoral campaigns. The technique is simple: a person locate on a street, usually busy, and close to the advertise establishment, hands out brochures inviting passers-by to come to the premises and try their service. Sometimes these brochures usually incorporate discounts for the consumption of local products . It is common for fast food establishments such as KFC, McDonald.

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Burger King, TelePizza or Pan’s And Company to distribute brochures detailing the menu that the establishment has, and in which a special discount is offere in case of presenting the brochure at checkout. These discounts include an additional product, or the reuction in the price of the product to be consume. Although it may seem like Luxembourg Phone Number List an old way of doing marketing, it is a quite effective technique if the person locate on the street performs a successful job of segmenting and selecting the target of the public . For this, it is necessary to make an approximate portrait of what the client that interests the company is like, and who, consequently, should receive the flyer , leaflet or brochure of the company.

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Connection to a Wi-Fi network proximity marketing: wifi network It is an increasingly common example. One of the companies that is betting the most on the format of offering a free Wi-Fi signal and thus carrying out proximity marketing Business Lead is Euskaltel , the Basque telephone company. Its customers make part of their Wi-Fi line available to all users, and drawing on this signal, Euskaltel offers free Wi-Fi connection in the main points of Basque cities. But where does Euskaltel do marketing? From the moment that it is necessary to be a customer of the company to be able to enjoy the service, in addition to also being necessary to download the application of the telephone company to be able to connect.

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