less promotional emails. However, promotional emails without a great plan are a big disaster.

The promotional emails should generally be paired with email campaigns to generate huge clicks. Promotional emails’ primary aim is to convert subscribers to customers to the brand’s loyal customers.

Customer Nurturing/Loyalty Emails 

Of course, the customer’s trust and loyalty cannot be built in a single night. But a series of emails can make it happen over time. A well-crafted email sent to the target audience twice or thrice a week nurtures your audience.

The side benefits of loyalty email campaigns are they increase the brand’s credibility and customer engagement and enhance the customer lifetime value. Have you ever heard of VIP or premium memberships?

Usually, they’re the most common loyalty programs offered by the brands. These emails ask for customer signups to Sales Directors Email Lists avail of great deals, offers, and special invitations to various events.

Sales Directors Email Lists

Delivery Emails 

Delivery emails are one of the great ways to either boost your customer engagement or increase trust among your ideal prospects.

Once the customer receives the product, ensure to send a quick delivery confirmation message along with the video tutorials or how-to guides. The video length can be as short as 30 seconds to as long as 10 minutes, based on the complexity of product usage.

After that, you can even shoot user-generated content to give a few insights into how others are using the product.

Order Confirmation Emails 

An order confirmation email is another powerful weapon in post-purchase email campaigning. Brands leverage order confirmation emails to confirm the order to prevent any further disturbances.

Usually, these emails boast pricing, delivery date, and other relevant details. A few major elements of this email include order number/order tracking ID, delivery date, number of purchased items, return policy, guarantee policy, and other highly recommended items.

Re-Engagement Emails 

Although you send emails to each of your email ist, most of them go unnoticed by your ideal prospects. Here’s why experts suggest leveraging re-engagement emails for users who haven’t engaged with your emails.

These emails are specially tailored for a warm audience to get them back on track. The key in re-engagement emails is to personalize more to hit the users’ emotions.

It’s even suggested to use phrases like “It’s been a long time. We’re missing you!”, “We’d love to see you again,” “Please come back (Name of the user),” and a lot more. These messages should let your customer know how much you care for them. So, hit re-engagement emails to make the users feel more special.

Rating or Review Requesting Emails 

Testimonials play a crucial role in the eCommerce world. Did you know 4 out of 5 people read reviews before making a buying decision? And over 83% of consumers check for customer reviews before buying a new product.

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