Of these, half have made a contribution of less than 100 euros. 40% are between 100 and 500 euros and 6% between 500 and 1,000. Only 4% excee 1,000 euros, with Navarrese and Catalans above this average. For Ruth Blanch , general director of Antevenio Spain -eitor of the guiaONGs portal- “it is striking that in some communities, such as Navarra or La Rioja, there is great confidence in the final destination of their donations and yet in others, such as Asturias or Extremadura, there is a high percentage of people who distrust those same organizations.

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Among those people who state that they do not make any donation to NGOs, the most common reason is the lack of economic resources (45.17%), followe by direct delivery to people in nee (27.44%) and the lack of trust in the final destination Afghanistan Phone Number List of that money (18%). By communities, among those who declare that they do not donate to NGOs, those most likely to give money directly to people in nee are people from La Rioja, Cantabria and Navarre (46.1%, 36.8% and 35% respectively) and those least likely to be Asturians. (16.1%) and the Balearic Islands (18.4%). Aragonese, Galician and Castilian Leonese, for their part, have the highest percentage of people.

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Who consider that they already contribute through their income statement. This is the second part of a survey that in its first data showe that world hunger and child poverty are the two main concerns of citizens linke to the work of NGOs in Business Lead Spain. However, despite its current prominence, the refugee situation is not among the most relevant issues. You can download the complete study here: II Study on the NGO sector in Spain.Spark the AdWords.  Keyword Planner April 29, 2016 Writing Performance Did you like our article? 4.2/5 – (5 votes) adwords keyword planner One.  The essential aspects in a Google AdWords campaign is the right choice of keywords.

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