Pepsi – Test Drive March 2013 was Pepsi month , at least on the internet. The soft drink company manage to take YouTube by storm with a campaign it launche calle “Test Drive”, which feature a professional driver, Jeff Gordon, and a car salesman. For the ad, American driver Jeff Gordon volunteere to disguise himself as a quiet and shy man who wante to test drive a car at a dealership. But when the driver gets in the car with the car salesman the real show begins. The video already has over 44 million views since it was first poste in 2013.

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It’s impeccable proof that when you do amazing things that are a little out of the ordinary, people want to see and share them. 5.- Old Spice – The man you could smell like The Old Spice Campaign first debute in 2010 as a Super Bowl ad, but later gaine massive internet exposure . The campaign mixe humor and intrigue to achieve brand awareness. It quickly Latvia Phone Number List manage to put people in the pocket thanks to its charismatic protagonist. Some experts call this campaign the most successful and renowne in recent times . In fact, it already has more than 52 million views on YouTube and more than 188,000 “likes”. After the success of the ad, the brand did not stop there.

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They release many other short videos on the internet, where the protagonist calle ” The man your man could smell like “, answere dozens of questions, thoughts and doubts that different users of Twitter, Facebook and other social networks Business Lead formulate. In this way, this campaign broke a new interactive marketing barrier, since the brand was in continuous contact with users, paying attention to what was said about its campaign, to later make a video with the character responding to all these messages. According to statistical data, thanks to this campaign, Old Spice manage to increase its sales by 107% in just 30 days from the launch date.

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