Responsive design is not only a current trend in mobile web design. But it is a way of designing any website or blog that is increasingly necessary. In a present and future world, in which access to the network comes from multiple sources. device types and screen sizes. Access to the network from devices such as Tablet . Smartphones. Smart TVs, Laptops, Desktops, etc. confirms the disparity of screens. Sizes and resolutions.

A complexity for the web designer to which responsive design has been responding. Mainly since 2013. Precisely the different sizes of the screens on the devices are one of the main factors why responsive design -hereinafter responsive- is essential for  Jordan phone number any web or blog project. What is Responsive Design (Mobile Web Design)? It is a way and set of techniques for designing websites that adapt to any type of screen resolution. Restructuring the elements and contents they contain in order to adapt them to it and also managing to optimize the space available on the screen itself.

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“The ultimate goal of all responsive design is to provide a website with a good user experience” In order to adapt to the demands of each screen size, “media queries” and style sheets are used that indicate the CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets ) necessary to take depending on each screen size. Keep in mind that there is also another term known as adaptive or adaptive web and that, in reality, it is not exactly the same. In this case. fixed widths are that do not adapt to exact screen resolutions, but rather to screen size standards for devices such as a monitor or a smartphone.

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Some advantages of offering a better user experience Below I will tell you some of the advantages that a responsive design brings with respect to what is its main reason for being. The user experience. Full web access: All the content and functionalities that are already present on the desktop are also available on mobile devices. Favoring that. Regardless of where it is . The content and use can be the same by the user. Mobile web design that increases virality: Given that the design and adaptation of a website for mobile facilitates access from devices in which the user

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spends more and more time connected to social networks. It is obvious that it is easier to promote the virality of the contents of a website on different channels. Decrease the bounce rate of your website: One of the main aspects to take care of. And take into account on a website or blog is to reduce the bounce rate. A better user experience will directly affect users staying longer on your website. Cost reduction and web development needs: With a responsive mobile web design you will not need to create alternative URLs. Websites and web applications so that your users can

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