Spotify achieve the objectives it set out through this campaign. On all social networks, from Vine to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, the hashtag became viral in a very short time and spread like wildfire. The campaign had such a resonance that to this day there are people who still use the hashtag and continue to share all those songs that have marke their lives . 2.- PUMA: campaigns with influencers : Puma At the national level, it is interesting to mention the advertising campaign carrie out by the sportswear brand Puma in which it use several Spanish fashion influencers to promote its new line.

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This campaign took place in 2015 and was one of the most successful campaigns in the country. In addition, more than 61 influencers participate in the campaign. The brand wante to give special visibility to the new sneakers it had design Peru Phone Number List and for that it use the help of Spanish fashion, sports and lifestyle bloggers who have a large number of followers on social networks such as Instagram. Another of their objectives with the campaign was for their brand to achieve even more notoriety and presence in social networks , and they found the key since all these influencers recommende their shoes to all their followers.

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For this, they had influencers such as Nina Urgell , Marina Romero or Jessica Goicoechea to promote their new line, people who have highly engage profiles. In this way, they achieve their goals. Instagram was the social network where they achieve Business Lead the greatest success . In any case, on profiles such as Twitter they also registere great notoriety. 3.- Samsung: The most retweete selfie in history campaigns with influencers: The selfie with the most RTs One of the best-known campaigns is undoubtely the one that took place during the 2014 Oscars ceremony. At the ceremony, the popular television presenter Ellen DeGeneres took a selfie in which famous Hollywood faces such as Brad Pitt participate.

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