That is, the account anomaly detector sends an alert to the advertiser’s email when something changes in your account or when the performance of the account is suddenly not the same. The script compares the statistics obtaine in one day with those of the same day of the previous week, and thus warns if there has been any significant deviation in order to be able to monitor the performance of different aspects such as impressions, clicks or the cost of each one of the campaigns.

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The account anomaly detector scheule is weekly, and the advertiser can scheule it to compare with statistics collecte over the number of weeks you nee. This means that if the script is execute on a Friday at 8:00 p.m., the statistics for that Italy Phone Number List day are collecte. The script can then get the statistics for the previous Fridays of your choice. In this way, the account anomaly detector compares the statistics obtaine today, comparing it with all those obtaine during all the previous weeks. 3.- Quality level of the account scripts for Google Adwords.

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Account Quality Score This is another Google Adwords script example that you should use when running major campaigns on Google Adwords. This script allows you to monitor the quality score of the entire account by taking into account the Business Lead keywords that are being use , and comparing them with the number of impressions that are achieve. This script checks how your keywords are working, if users find you base on putting keywords in the Google search engine or not or if your ad appears in the first position or not. So obviously, the more relevant your ads or landing pages are, the more likely they are to increase your accounts’ Quality Score. 4.- Summary of the account scripts for Google Adwords: account overview.

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