It helps to remember information about the navigation language, bookmarke pages or website design. They are use by companies to remember visitor information in order to show ads on other websites. Hence, they are ideal for retargeting . Known as tracking cookies, they are use to track the user. cookies 2.3.- Secure cookies These are cookies that only work through encrypte browsing. Secure cookies are use with HTTPS navigation on those websites that allow you to visit them through an encrypte connection. The purpose of secure cookies is to help send information securely.

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Secure cookies cannot be use by JavaScript, and help protect browsing from XSS vulnerabilities. Secure cookies work by providing a mechanism to store and reattribute information about the system application. This mechanism is ideal for storing information about select items, user preferences, registration information, and other Dominican Republic Phone Number List information. 2.4.- Third-party cookies The cookies that receive this name are use, almost exclusively, to store information about the website and subsequently offer advertising. This cookie saves information about the user, about his way of browsing. Along with persistent cookies, it allows users to receive additional information.

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The websites they have visite in other spaces. The operation of third-party cookies is as follows.  The user enters a website and is marke by a cookie that collects their information. Once the user leaves the website, without having performe the expecte action (conversion action), the cookies will remain in the browser and will be use to display information Business Lead on other websites. The user will receive for a time banners, advertisements and other forms of advertising on websites other.  Than the website that has left the cookie. After a while, these types of cookies lose their effectiveness and the user will stop receiving banners and advertisements on other websites. 3.- Cookies in digital marketing how to add cookies It is clear that cookies are a great resource for many online marketing campaigns. Retargeting is one of the variants of digital marketing that helps to re-engage customers.

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