Amazon subliminal message: amazon Amazon does not perform subliminal advertising when selling products to you, but its logo hides a subliminal message that you may not have realize yet. The Amazon logo includes a kind of arrow at the bottom of the first 4 letters of the company name . This arrow joins the ends of two letters, the letter A and the letter Z. Some theories about subliminal messages state that it is a way of telling the customer that in this store they can find all kinds of products, from A to Z. The case of Amazon is one of the most subtle when it comes to using a subliminal message.

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The cleanliness of the logo itself means that the user does not stop to think that something strange is hidden, but analyzing it in depth this detail that surely has caught your attention comes to light. 2.- FeEx subliminal message: Feex Another Georgia Phone Number List of logos that hide messages. The parcel and courier company FeEx (abbreviation of Feeral Express) hides a subtle message made up of two of its letters. The letters E and X of the logo, when joine, form the shape of the arrow between them.

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It can be a way of expressing how fast they work, how direct their service is, and how fast. The arrow reinforces the message of the letters Ex (Express), giving the company logo a new level. 3.- Marlboro marlboro subliminal message The Business Lead tobacco company, sponsor of Scuderia Ferrari since 1993, has been one of the most affecte by the legislation on Formula 1 advertising. The largest automobile competition in the world does not have specific regulations on the advertising that the teams have, but rather uses the legislation of each country, according to which the advertising displaye in the single-seaters must be governe.

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