However, companies with strong brands compete better. And are more profitable than their competitors. And generally have the ability to last over time. Powerful brands have huge value. What is a brand and what are the keys. To building a brand that adds value and lasts over time. When talking about brands, terms are often confused. And it refers to its graphic or formal aspects (its name, logo, symbol, etc.) although. Obviously a brand is much more than that. In Summa we understand by brand the set of meanings. That are attributed to an offer and that generates a predisposition towards it. From an internal perspective , the brand is the expression. Of a company’s purpose and commitment to its stakeholders. From an external perspective the brand is everything that people think.

Feel and share about a company

Feel and share about a company, a product… From the point of view of management , the brand is a tool that generates links with people and creates Photo Restoration value for the company and for society. Nowadays we are more informed and we are more demanding. We not only want them to offer us good products and services at a reasonable price, but also to provide us with meaningful and memorable experiences, and as we will see, that greatly raises the level of professionalism necessary to build a successful brand. Branding, is it the same as the brand? Branding is the discipline that deals with the process of construction , growth, expansion and consolidation of a brand. And it contemplates the entire set of actions that are necessary both to create a brand and to generate value associated with it.

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Ensuring that it is maintained over time

Developing its full potential and ensuring that it is maintained over time. A brand is the expression of the corporate strategy in terms Business Lead of value and meaning for its stakeholders (customers, employees, partners, administrations, investors, etc.). For this reason, all company departments must be involved in brand management, not just marketing. What is the return on investment in brand When a branding strategy (in its entirety) is well conceived and executed over time, the brand generates empathy, predisposition, preference and loyalty. Which obviously translates into extraordinary economic results. Powerful brands exert great influence on people’s perceptions and feelings and have the power to determine their behaviors. For this reason a strong brand allows and favors a faster.

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