Organizations that are most successful with personalization understand that having a solid strategy in place is key. The 2019 trends in personalization report highlights that only 18% of marketers are very or extremely confident in their personalization strategy. Thus. It’s no  with having the right technology in place. Organizations still struggle to activate data for omni-channel personalization. …only 18% of marketers are very or extremely confident in their personalization strategy for organizations that currently have a cdp implemented.

Often the issue is that personalization is utilized as an internal function and teams fail to activate across other platforms. Especially if those other platforms are managed by an agency. The end result is that customers may have a sub-optimal experience. Such as seeing irrelevant content or receiving messages too frequently. Having a cdp as the center for all activation allows your teams to execute a comprehensive strategy across all your activation methods.

Leverage Valuable Features

Within the cdp. Such as advanced Ivory Coast Phone Number frequency capping rules. To provide a consistent and highly relevant experience for customers. When personalization efforts are activated using a cdp. It’s imperative that your organization has a strong strategy in place at the onset. Your organization should have a very clear view of the business needs and initial use cases to improve the customer experience prior to implementing a cdp.

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Taking the shotgun approach by just getting all of the data in the cdp and then trying to figure out the details later will increase the chances of issues happening. Such as poor data quality or data paralysis. That can negatively impact your personalization efforts. Image representing activating customer data become a leader with omni-channel personalization as highlighted earlier. The majority of leaders in personalization utilize a cdp in improving the customer experience.

If Your Organization

Is serious about meeting and exceeding the needs of your customers. Then you should look to incorporate a cdp as part of your organization’s core marketing strategy. However. Implementing a cdp alone won’t bring value to the customer experience. How your organization activates the data will determine the true impact for your customers and. Ultimately. Your primary kpis. Some organizations may attempt to rely solely on internal resources to implement a cdp and execute.

Their omni-channel personalization. However. As mentioned earlier. A majority of marketing teams aren’t highly confident in their personalization strategy. As a result. Relying only on internal resources could be a risky approach and one that could take far longer and cost more to realize the full potential of having a cdp. Considering the challenges that exist with properly implementing and maintaining a cdp.

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