Luo Chengzong (Born in Taipei in 1973. Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws, National Taiwan University, Doctor of Laws of Fu University. Now Professor and Director of the Institute of Finance and Law of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology)Recently, some netizens posted on the Facebook group that “cyanide can kill the Wuhan pneumonia virus” and other messages. After receiving the report, the police quickly pinned it on a 29-year-old man surnamed You, who was studying in Japan. Article 63 of the Act “spread rumors or false information about the epidemic situation of infectious diseases, which will cause harm to the public or others.”

Taking advantage of disasters to spread rumors reflects

the ugly side of human nature. At a time when the people of Taiwan are coping with national calamities. The police in our country quickly investigated Panama Phone Number and handled the case in terms of enforcement. Which is commendable. In terms of legal system. It also verified the actual necessity of introducing the mechanism of “punishing false information” into the infectious. Disease prevention and control law. In more detail. Taking the opportunity that our society has been affected by malicious and false information in 2018, the Congress has launched a series of relevant amendments to try to control false information since 2019. The aforementioned Article 63 of the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases,

Looking back over the past year or so, some Kuomintang

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members have used “infringement of freedom of speech” as an excuse for rejecting many of the government’s necessary legislative actions to actively combat false information. Even in recent days, Kuomintang legislator Lai Shibao has used the theme of the death of Chinese physician Li Wenliang to continue to advocate “…the fully-ruling DPP, a series of law amendments to suppress freedom of speech, and Taiwan’s democracy to return to the authoritarian era of one-party dictatorship.The current state is that society only allows one voice to exist, censorship and monitoring of the community, criticism of the government will be interviewed if anyone reports it, and how many people are living in horror…” and other arguments caused public uproar.

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