Google advances the following 3 tips to create the structure of an adequate Adwords account: 1.- The organization of the account must reflect the organization of the website The best way to structure a Google AdWords account is by making it similar to the organization and structure you use on your website. This measure can be really useful to avoid hassle and complications when managing the AdWords account, but also to better access the campaigns themselves and have a much clearer idea of ​​where everything goes.

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The organization base on the structure of the website will help you to be clear about the organization chart of the site. This idea will help you optimize the management of advertising, keywords, ad groups, campaigns, etc. In this way, you will be Tongliao Phone Number List able to incorporate relevant information about your campaigns or ad groups to improve their quality. This form of organization seeks to make the AdWords account manager fully aware of the products he manages, the work he has to do, the sections he has to manage, and the keywords he operates with. Knowing the organization chart will allow you to get to know the company better.

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Thus develop actions aime at improving the effectiveness of your own campaigns, optimizing results and obtaining greater success. The account must reflect everything that has to do with the campaign, the products, the services and the Business Lead organization chart of the website and the company in question. This organization must be done in a hierarchical organization chart, where it is clear which aspect is dependent on which, where the ad groups are locate and in which campaign the ads are frame . structure for an AdWords account Taking the previous image as an example, this structure would correspond to the Google Adwords account of a furniture store that has two large types of products, tables and bes.

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