You should always think about what is the simplest action that brings value to my visitor.

  • Example with the Happy Team website:
    1. The marketing manager published an article about managing conflict at work
    2. He later detected traffic to this article from searches that in their Plezi One dashboard
    3. He then created a PDF of the article to post as a conclusion the article

Results: 5% of the readers of the article downloaded the PDF, allowing Happy Team to get many email addresses of people relevant to their services.

5. Putting premium content online

As we just saw, a simple PDF can Canadian CFO Email Lists explode the number of contacts generated by your site, even if it has little content.

Canadian CFO Email Lists

And the possibilities for premium content are numerous! Here are some examples:

On your product or service pages:

  • Presentation of a SaaS software ⇒ Download of the price list or details of the offers or request for a demo
  • Presentation of an offer by sector ⇒ Download of a methodology dedicated to the sector
  • Presentation of a service ⇒ Download of a customer case
  • Presentation of the customer support ⇒ Evaluation form of the visitor’s “maturity” in relation to your problem

On your blog posts: Talking About Your

  • Inbound marketing blogpost ⇒ Guide: “How to set up your inbound marketing strategy?”
  • Article listing best practices ⇒ Publish the best practices separately and refer to the pdf guide that gathers them all
  • Article on how to establish a budget ⇒ Propose a budget template to download and customize
  • Dense article ⇒ Give the summary in PDF
  • Short article ⇒ Give a link to a denser content
  • Tutorial article ⇒ Give a checklist summarizing the steps to follow

Generating business opportunities through digital marketing doesn’t have to be as complex as some may claim. It’s all about building on the fundamentals, identifying early successes and building on them to focus your efforts on what works.

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