With the Google Panda filter, many pages have begun to be penalize and show worse results, due to the hardening of the parameters that the Google algorithm values. Blogs, forums, newspapers, magazines, websites or ecommerce sites have been affecte by these changes when it comes to assessing the SEO of a page. How to know if Google has penalize you? Google has two ways to apply penalties, manually or automatically. The manual way can be understood as the one in which Google previously notifies the user of its network that it has found some reason that violates the parameters of the algorithm.

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That, due to this, they will be penalize in their positioning. The finding of suspicious elements is usually accompanie by a period in which Google leaves it up to the user to correct this error, revealing the consequences of continuing to maintain Cayman Islands Phone Number List these elements on their website. The problem comes when the penalty is do automatically. This penalty can come from a change in the Google parameters and the new algorithm is applie automatically, without notifying the user . This type of penalty occurs when an indexing robot finds patterns that can be considere dishonest or SPAM.

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Among many other reasons. To find out if your website has been penalize by Google.  You should review the following sections or answer the following questions.  Does your website rank when searching for your own brand? Has your ranking Business Lead change when searching for the terms you ranke for before? If you are not found in the Google search engine, check that you appear using this form in the search domain “. One of the aspects that Google values ​​the most is the score that your page obtains. In order to know it, you can access PageRank and find out the score that Google gives to your website.

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