You’re probably wondering how an article on the 5 best free online graphic design software fits into the SEMrush blog. The answer is very simple, because it is increasingly important to know how to create or make an image with a phrase or an infographic to gain visibility on the web. How many times during the last year have you read…? Include an infographic in your article because this is an info product that is very well shared on social networks. Use attractive and seductive headers or cover photos for your blog posts. Make yourself different and personalize the publications of your profiles on social networks.

Put attractive caption images in your social media posts because they improve visibility and increase engagement. These are just four simple examples of why you have to get down to work and start learning how to use some graphic design software or program online . An article with  Ivory coast phone number images is easier to read and understand , it helps you not to get lost in the text and allows you to rest your eyes. Likewise, including an infographic in an article helps: on the one hand, to assimilate the information faster and, on the other, it is a graphic element that invites sharing on social networks .

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Our brain processes an image much faster than a text, so designing a logo, creating an infographic, retouching an image or designing the header of our articles are examples of online graphic design that we can do with simple programs that allow us to improve our image and differentiate ourselves from the rest. eye! I’m not telling you to become a professional graphic designer overnight… but yes, don’t think that having basic notions on the subject is very . The network is full of graphic design programs and 100% online, tools that make work easier for non-professionals.

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You can find drag and drop design programs like Canva to create your creative images. You also have graphic design applications to retouch images online for free . Such as Pixlr . Let’s talk about them. 5 free online graphic design programs that I recommend Well. Now the time has come for me to show you the list of the best free graphic design tools that I just promised you: 1.- Canvas It comes with many free templates and has a very intuitive and easy to use interface that you can use to create your graphic designs.

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Canva is one of the online graphic design programs that has. Become more fashionable lately. You also have a “pro” version available with more templates at your disposal. You can download Canva as a free application for iPad and it has a WordPress plugin that integrates the application with your blog. Canva-program-graphic-design 2.- Pixlr Pixlr is your online graphic design application and, like other tools. There are two versions, one paid and the other free. If what you are looking for is a program to retouch images online, look no further.

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