To do this, it helps you design questions, surveys, tests or applications. Configure your ideal website base on the standard characteristics of the users, reucing the margin of error and getting closer to what the users would want, or usually want. 13.- BrowserStack conversion optimization tools: Browser Stack If you have questions about the metrics and the differences between the different devices and operating systems, you have a solution in Browser Stack.

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This application designe for conversion optimization helps to test the variations that usually occur in the metrics depending on the device or operating system use to navigate the users who access your portal. The ideal is to use the data collecte by BrowserStack and create a combination of them in order to create an image as close as possible to your Bulgaria Phone Number List type of visitors. 14.- CrazyEgg conversion optimization tools: Crazy Egg Usability-oriente web analytics tool . One of the options that CrazyEgg incorporates is that it includes a heat map so it is possible to know the trajectory that the user’s mouse follows when browsing, know where they click or where they scroll. In addition, CrazyEgg allows you to carry out A/B tests.

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Discover the elements that distract the user from what is important on the web page.  Replace or delete elements that are not use or find out if the elements inserte.  In the site have the appropriate design and size. 15.- ClickTale ClickTale Know the Business Lead online behavior of users, what kind of actions they perform. ClickTale records videos of users’ sessions to know where they click, how they move the mouse, where they hesitate, etc. ClickTale tracks mouse movements, builds heatmaps, and provides information about conversions that have occurre on your website. 16.- Optimizely conversion optimization tools: Optimizely Interesting tool to carry out A/B tests of different versions of your website simultaneously.

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